Raffle Winners List

Winners will be announced daily on this site, as well as our Facebook page (@TasteofChelmsford). We will also reach out to winners via email or phone. Please see terms below for additional details. 

March 1:  
March 2: 
March 3: 
March 4: 
March 5: 
March 6: 
March 7:
March 8: 
March 9: 
March 10:
March 11: 
March 12: 
March 13: 
March 14: 
March 15: 
March 16: 
March 17: 
March 18: 
March 19: 
March 20: 
March 21:  
March 22:
March 23:
March 24:
March 25: 
March 26: 
March 27: 
March 28: 
March 29: 
March 30: 
March 31: 

Terms & Conditions:

It should be noted that many items in the raffle have been donated to the CSPTO for the Taste Calendar Raffle. Because of the generosity of these donors, it is the responsibility of the purchasers to respect any and all restrictions associated with the prizes.
Everything is provided “as-is”. Please carefully read all specifications and limitations.
Values set forth for items being auctioned are estimates and are not warranted by the CSPTO.
By making the purchase, the purchaser waives any claim for liability against the CSPTO or the donor of an item or service. Neither is responsible for any personal injury or damage to property that may result from the utilization of the items or services.
All prizes must be picked up by April 15th, 2021 unless prior arrangements are made. Any items not picked up by date above, will become property of the CSPTO and will be randomly auctioned off at future events.
Prizes are non transferable. Don’t have a use for an item you won? Re-donate it back to us for future events!
The CSPTO is not responsible for errors in the program.